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Harley Shovelhead Replica FLH Frame Package

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Harley Shovelhead FLH Frame Package

Meat-Balls FLH Shovelhead Reproduction Frame Kit

Includes Frame, Swing Arm, Swing Arm Axle Kit & Transmission Mounting Plate. These frames have 1-1/4 inch down tubes and 1-1/2 inch backbone.

A reproduction of Harley’s late FLH Shovelhead Frame.

There are no picture-perfect tig welds on this frame, the welding is reminiscent of Harley’s welds from the era. 

For registration purposes, it's worth noting that pre-1970 Harley Davidson did not use frame or Vin numbers

(The pictured frame has been media blasted. Frames are supplied in raw steel without media blasting)

Total weight = 32kg 

Shipping calculated on a case-by-case basis.

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