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Frequently Asked Questions

Just some of the common questions our customers have...



Q. Where are Meat-Balls V-Twin products made?


These days over 95% of the world’s largest aftermarket brands for Harley Davidson’s and custom motorcycles are made in China or Taiwan.  Here at Meat-Balls V-Twin we have gone the extra miles and developed a relationship with a state of the art engineering workshop ran by master engineers with strict quality control to make sure we can deliver top quality products to Australian motorcycle enthusiasts. Just like the largest suppliers in the USA our front ends are also manufactured China. It is important to acknowledge that if we manufactured our products here in Australia or the USA the costs and retail price would be so high no one would be prepared to purchase them.


Q. Can Meat-balls Springers be fitted to early Sportsters?


Yes they can be fitted to early Sportsters with the use of a head stem bearing cup conversion kit. These are available from any reputable parts suppliers. They will bolt up to a newer Sportster (with 1" stem) with very little modification.


Q. Can disc brakes be fitted to Meat-Balls Early style springers ?


Yes, single disc and dual disc conversion kits are readily available from a number of manufacturers. Typically these kits are complete with all brackets, hardware and 4 piston callipers. We provide some kits on our site or a large range of kits are available from any reputable parts suppliers.


Q. Can Meat-balls early style Springers be supplied with negative or positive off set?


No, all Meat-Balls early style Springers are manufactured with inline top clamp meaning zero rake or no off set. If you need or want to add negative or positive rake, 3 degree of set bearing cups are readily available. These are available from any reputable parts suppliers.


Q. What's it cost to ship a meatballs springer?


Shipping cost is calculated during checkout. If you have any questions, please email us at


Q. What if my product turns up damaged or not as I expected?


Please go to the RETURNS page for more info.