Harley Davidson Battle of the Kings 2019


Gold Coast Harley-Davidson


Over the last 5 years, Gold Coast Harley has become synonymous with Customised Harley-Davidson Motorcycles. 

From straight out Genuine Customisation to over the top Custom builds we have had plenty of opportunities to inspire Customisation, from the ever-popular Breakout models with 23 to 30 inch front wheels, custom paint, raked front ends to ninety thousand dollar Bagger builds, we have taken anything on and through build difficulties we have come out the other side with a Harley to suit the customer’s ideas and the brief given to us.  

When the Battle of the Kings came around for 2019 we jumped at it, and believe with the Build Team we have, our Old Skool Softail will draw attention and throw people back to the good old days of the Panheads.







It has definitely not been easy, but nothing worth doing comes easy, so there have been quite a few beers consumed throwing around ideas and discussing the Project. This wasn’t the first idea we had thought.  The team originally wanted to build a Sportster Racer with a full dust bin fairing referencing race bikes seen at Isle Of Man in the ’40s & ’50s. After hours of research & planning, we came to the conclusion that time & budget would not allow us to fulfill this build to the extent required.  Budget is always the limiter when it comes to imagination, and our imagination outweighed the budget allowed to make the Sportster build viable without taking half measures.

With a couple of the Build Team having an affinity for Panheads, Knuckles and the likes the next ideal build was to reference these early models.  We discussed using a Street Bob, but really there was only one obvious choice at the end of the day.








We chose the 2019 Harley Davidson Softail Slim as we felt it was a great starting point for our project. The bike already possesses some of the original lines and styling we envision for our final product. The Team still felt passionate about building a bike that paid homage to our past, whilst still being able to offer modern reliability & comfort, that’s how we ended up with the Softail Slim!

We have modified the bike by removing the telescopic front end and taking a few leaps backward to an original style springer front end & over rider, 500 x 16” Firestone tires & original cut down springer fenders. For an exhaust we used an Original style muffler from a 1930’s Harley Davidson & had a custom made 2-1 setup with ripple pipe heat shields.

The bike sports an original style Solo Saddle seat which we’ve slimmed down to our liking & a paint scheme that pays respects to Harley race bikes of the 1940s.








We felt that combining all of these key factors on a motorcycle in this context will certainly help achieve a vintage look.

Every good bike needs a name and we tossed it back and forwards but the name of the “Hollister Riot” was what we stuck with, showing reverence to the Hollister Riot of 1947 at the AMA Sanctioned Gypsy Tour Motorcycle Rally in the town of Hollister California, with old skool Harley-Davidson and Clubs gathering to party hard.  

We added a side number board to break up the black at the rear of the bike at the late stages of the build.  We picked number 16 as a reference to Jimmy Chan, who was a 3-time winner of the Springfield Mile, the first being in 1947 on a Harley-Davidson Springer Model.  Jimmy Chan lived and breathed Harley, working alongside his brother in a Dealership, and later was inducted into the Hall of Fame.


Meet the Team
The people responsible for this project are all part of our Gold Coast Harley-Davidson team.
Steve Schilling (Dealer Principal) Jack Baugh (Service Manager) Matt Valentine (Head Technician) & Nick Agius (Parts Interpreter/CSM).
The team are all passionate about their personal Harley-Davidson motorcycles & modifying them to express their own style.






  • Genuine Steering head bearing kit 
  • Genuine dust shields
  • Dump It Lowering kit rear
  • Genuine Deluxe Leather Solo Saddle modified
  • Meatballs 20” Early Springer front end
  • Meatballs Top Clamp, 
  • Meatballs Handle Bars modified to suit
  • JP Cycles Springer Pre-load adjustor
  • PBI Chain drive conversion
  • Performance Machine front caliper & mount
  • Kuryakn rear indicators
  • Rollies Speed Shop front under perch indicators
  • Firestone Deluxe 500×16 bias ply tyres front and rear
  • Twin Cam Breakout Headlight
  • Genuine Nostalgia Grips
  • Magnum Shielding brake lines
  • Genuine Kahuna timer cover
  • Genuine Black Derby Cover
  • Custom made front wheel spacers
  • JP Cycles Panhead fenders, Cut down & bobbed.
  • Original style Panhead muffler w/ Custom Header pipes & original ripple pipe heatshields
  • JP Cycles Sparto style tail light
  • Custom paint by QMPP
  • Genuine chrome rear axle covers
  • Genuine chrome coil cover
  • Maximus Tuner