Customising Your Bike

You have now gone to the next level; you are truly customising your bike when fitting on of our Springer front ends.

Your new Meat-Balls Springer should only be fitted by a qualified motorcycle mechanic experienced in custom type fabrication and building. Choose your mechanic wisely, although fitting a springer front end (or any other aftermarket custom part) is generally a straight forward job it is best left to mechanics and fabricators that have experience in this type of custom work.


Our springer front end are close replicas of what Harley Davidson was using on many of their models from the 30’s and 40’s and then later from 1988 to 2012.

Although our Springer front ends are supplied as a complete and assembled unit we do not supply “complete kits”, there are simply to many models and variants of bikes to do so.

Yes, our Springers will bolt up to the neck on most Harley Davidson frames from the early years up to current models. However! Its up to the purchaser/mechanic/fabricator/builder to sort out typical items such as braking components and fitment, (there are many types and options available) choosing the correct wheel, centralising the wheel with correct wheel spacers and where needed, speedo drives. Mounting a fender may also need to be considered.

Some late model bikes will have ABS braking fitted. To maintain the ABS brakes some custom machining/fabricating will likely be needed. Once again this is a reasonably straight forward modification for any experienced custom builder/fabricator. Be aware that many motorcycle mechanics do not have this experience.



Serious injury, death, and property damage can result from the improper use, control, alteration, installation of aftermarket or performance parts or incorrect maintenance of motorcycles.

The dealer and dealers’ customers and out right buyer and end user must exercise good judgment in the use, control, alteration, part selection and installation, and maintenance, of motorcycles. Meat-Balls V-Twin has no control over the judgment of others and assumes no responsibility or liability of any nature for the failure of others to use good judgment. We are therefore limit the use of these parts for racing, off road use and show purposes only.