Fitting Early Style Meat-Balls Springers To Late Model Bikes

This blog is a generic look at what typically may be involved in fitting a Early Style Meatballs Springer to later model Harley's that have steering locks in the neck of the frame. Typically the steering locks and some steering stops will fowl with the springer and will need to be removed. If your remotely handy on the tools its a relatively straight forward and easy job. To modify your frame to except the early style springer you will need a 4 inch grinder, cutting wheel, grinding wheel and flapper disc to Finnish the job off ready for paint. Meat-Balls Early Style Springer Meat-Balls Early Style Springer (1) These will fowl with the Springer. (4) This hole can be welded or a simple rubber or plastic plug can be installed. (7) Cleaned up and finished with the flapper disc ready for paint. (8) Rubber steering stop's attached to frame. This is what the steering stops on the Springer will contact with. (9) Steering stops installed and plastic plug installed in neck. (10) We have found over the years the gloss black Killrust aerosol paint is a great match to the original frame paint (no primer needed) (11) Now we are ready to install the Springer.
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