Early Style Meat-Balls Springer Fitted to 2012 883 Iron Sportster

Harry G recently purchased an 18inch Black Early Style Meat-Balls Springer for his 2012 Iron 883 Sportster. The following photos and text is how Harry converted his late model Sportster from standard telescopic front end to Meat-Balls Early Style Springer front end. Most motorcycle enthusiasts would have to agree that Harry has achieved a really nice old school look with this project and the Springer has tied in nicely with all his hard work. Keep in mind this front end is a replica of what Harley used on their big twins from the mid 30s through to mid 40s!!! Springer front end on Sportster THE REST OF THE TEXT IS FROM HARRY HIMSELF: This should work on all large tapered neck frames, 78s, 48s and any Sportster with tapered necks. This photo is the bike dismantled, with the triple trees, forks, handle bars, front wheel and calliper. Springer front end on Sportster Below - The first thing that had to be addressed for the conversion was the removal of steering lock and key barrel. Springer front end Below - The neck after the barrel has been removed. Did this with a cutting disc on a 4'' grinder. Springer fork Below - Body filler applied, sanded then painted with a tin of oil based gloss black enamel paint. Doing this with a small brush is better than spray. When done it looks exactly like gloss powder coat. Meat-Balls Springer Below - Work carried out on the actual springer forks. The steering stop lugs needed to be removed on the back of the forks. This is done because they crash on the tapered neck. Harley Sportster Springer Below - A cutting disc removes the stop lugs. Sportster With Springer Below - Again painted with enamel gloss black, they come up a treat. Sportster Springer Front End Below - The bottom and top neck bearings also have to be shimmed approx. 2mm so when assembled the top clamp and bottom tree don't rub on the frame neck. When assembling you first install the bottom 2mm shim, bearing dust cover and bottom bearing. Slide through neck, fit top bearing, dust cover, top 2mm shim and top nut. Adjust bearing preload and fit top clamp, then lock nut. Springer on Sportster Below - The forks now fitted to the frame. Springer Top Clamp Below - Mounting the brake line to the bottom of the lower fork tree. I tapped the bottom hole on the springer to a small spark plug thread. The hole is a perfect size. Then mounted a lawn mower plug, and fitted the steel line to this Meat-Balls Springer Below - The top flex brake hose was mounted to the top clamp, after drilling and tapping a mounting position, similar to the standard original triple tree. Harley Springer Sportster Springer front end Below - A head light bracket needs to be made, and fitted to the springer. Harley Springer Harley Front End Below - The throttle cables and clutch cables need to be removed and passed inside the forks. This stops any kinking of the cables. Springer Forks Below - I purchased an aftermarket front calipper kit for $300 to maintain a disc brake. This fitted straight onto the 3/4inch axle supplied with the Meat-Balls Springer Forks. Harley Sportster Springer Harley Springer Below - The calipper brake stay mounts directly onto the existing brake lug on the main springer fork leg. Sporster Springer Below - The original telescopic front end used a 1inch axle. I purchased a pair of 1inch to 3/4inch wheel bearing spacers for $30 so I could use my original 1inch axle wheel on the ¾inch Meat-Balls axle. Meat-Balls Springers Below - Here’s the bike with the conversion completed. Springer front end on Sportster Meat-Balls Springer on Sportster Springer fork on Harley Sportster killer look !!
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