Anatomy Of A Meat-Balls Springer

In the next 10 photos we'll have a close look at each individual component of an early style Meat-Balls Springer.Springer front end exploded view (1) Rigid fork leg - 3/16 inch wall thickness (forged) (2) Spring fork leg - 1 inch OD - 1/8 inch wall thickness (seamless tube) (3) Brake stay lug (4) Top clamp (precision cast) (5) Lower tree (precision cast) (6) Spring perch (precision cast) (7) Spring fork spring perch bridge ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Springer fork exploded view (8) Spring rod upper nut (9) Spring rod lower nut (10) Recoil bumper spring (11) Upper fork spring (12) Spring rod bushing (13) Cushion spring (14) Cushion spring bumper spring
Springer rocker studs (15) Right hand rocker plate (16) Left hand rocker plate (17) Rocker stud screw (18) Rocker stud lock washer (Inner) (19) Rocker stud lock washer (outer) (20) Rocker plate bush (21) Rocker plate studs (22) Rocker plate stud nut (23) Axle (3/4 inch) (24) Axle dome nut ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Springer bottom Tree (25) Fender mounts (26) Head stem (1 inch) (27) Top clamp pinch bolts
Harley Springer Fork (28) Grease nipples (29) Headlight mounting hole
Springer friction damper (30) Ride control mounting holes for friction damper or hydraulic Monroe shock absorber
Springer fork head stem (31) Spring rod (32) Threaded upper rigid fork legs for custom riser application's (33) Hollow head stem for Harley type friction steering damper
Springer rigid fork leg (37) Super strong forged rigid fork legs (3/16 inch wall thickness)
Springer lower tree (34) Precision cast lower tree (35) Precision fit with minimum tolerance ready for welding (36) Rigid fork legs do not join at the tree like many inferior aftermarket springers. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Springer head stem nuts (38) Springer head stem top nut (39) Springer head stem lower nut (40) Springer head stem top nut washer
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