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Due to implications related to Covid-19 select items are currently low on stock.

Meat-Balls Springers

Late Style Springer Forks

Temporarily Unavailable

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20/3/2021 UPDATE

The last 12 months have been a crazy time with the pandemic reeking all sorts of havoc with scheduled production run dates and world-wide shipping issues

To make things even harder to predict, sales have gone through the roof rendering us in extremely short supply of Early and Late Style front ends on several occasions throughout the last 12 months.

We have recently received a shipment of Custom Style Springer front ends which are now available.

The next shipment of Late and Early Style front ends have now been manufactured and are due here late April 2021 😊 (We were originally hoping to have this shipment late March 2021)

We apologise for any inconvenience 

Available in Black with chrome springs and chrome shock or full chrome

Prices range from $2,035.00 - $2,189.00

Harley Davidson replica Springer front end with single disc to suit late model Harley’s & Custom motorcycles.

A quality reproduction of the Springer Forks Harley used on all their Softail Springer bikes from 1988 through to 2012.

Our Late Style Springers are manufactured with 4.5 degrees negative rake (Same rake as Harley FXSTS – Springer Softail)

Sold complete with:

  • Custom Top Clamp that allows the use of a large range of Harley and aftermarket risers.
  • Disc brake caliper mounting bracket with brake stay arm to suit the use of genuine Harley or reproduction single piston calipers.
  • 3/4 inch Axle
  • Headstem bearing kit 

If you require more rake or less rake we have 3 Degree neck bearing cup kits (For pre 1990 Harley’s)

Aftermarket type disc brakes can be fitted to the right side or left side of the forks.

The decal on the shock is not included but can be purchased at your local Harley dealership.

Forks are fully assembled and ready to install.

Rocker plate bearing clearances have been checked and greased.

Available in Gloss Black with chrome springs or Full Chrome.

Available in one Length Only (same length as genuine Harley) 

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